About Us

Reed Prototype & Machining is a CNC machine shop specializing in complex surface machining

Our custom CNC machined prototypes provide the accuracy and strength of a production part in a quick turn process. CNC machining allows for high accuracy as well as excellent surface finish and details. As a result, a machined prototype is as close as you can get to a production part. CNC machining allows your parts to be made in production intended material for better design evaluation. We machine parts from a variety of materials, including: ABS, polycarbonate, and magnesium.

While CNC machining is the traditional solution for sourcing initial prototype parts, it can also be ideal for low quantity manufacturing needs or for bridging the time gap between prototyping and full production. To ensure that short-run parts match your production cosmetic specifications, we offer painting and pad printing services.

Our Values

We provide excellent customer service

We are proud of our long history of repeat clients

We treat every project with unique consideration

We don’t work within envelopes or with templates - every project is unique

We respect the importance of confidentiality

We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all our clients

We never stop learning

There's always room for improvement

Our Philosophy

RPM is an extension of the Engineer's workspace. We are the machinist, hobbyist, hacker, tinkerer and maker. Learning to make things changes how we understand and consume those things.

Working within an established field is both empowering and restricting at the same time, stay within the boundaries of your discipline and you will have an easier time making incremental improvements. There's nothing wrong with that, of course progress depends on incremental improvements, but those disciplinary boundaries can also serve as blinders that keep you from discovering bigger opportunities.

RPM is not defined by a single field or industry, instead it is defined by the eclectic interests of its team and clients. It is a space where a network of experience is allowed to converge.

Why Choose Us

  • Consistent Quality
  • Extensive Experience
  • Latest Technology
  • Respect for Confidentiality
  • Made the way you specify
  • Wide array of materials
  • One part to short run production
  • Small to large size parts
  • We are a Long Term Business Supporter of Austin Energy's GreenChoice 100% Wind Power renewable energy program